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    "Your experience was invaluable to us."
    Lutie Johnston . The Tiger Lily . Griffin, GA

    "You guided the way . . . Our GOB was definitely
    a money making success
    thanks to your efforts.
    In that our GOB was somewhat different than the norm,
    we appreciate the way that you adapted."

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    “ … Our sale was an unbelievable experience!"
    Sonia Mott . Motif Home Décor . Pewaukee, WI

    "… We didn’t believe we would sell so much in such a short period of time. Thanks for your help and guidance.”

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    "Successful and Stress-Free"
    Anne Beneville . Hip Chik . Nyack, NY

    "With Milton's involvement, my 'going out of business sale' was hugely successful. He arrived at my shop, took stock of my merchandise, my customers, my employees and my state of mind and went to work devising a plan for me.
    Milton is affable, confident, intelligent, funny and gentlemanly.
    Everyone in my shop loved working with him and missed him when he wasn't with us. Without the advice and guidance of Milton Waldoff, the closing of my shop would not have been as successful or stress-free as it was."

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    "Money Well Spent!"
    Vicki Miller . Marketing Consultant . Eagle2 Creative Services​ 

    "If every retailer was fortunate to have graduated from
    the “WU”(Waldoff’s University) they would be successful! 
    The lessions I learned from working with Milton
    are etched in my brain …and I share them with my clients! 
    Money well spent!"

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    "Tremendous help"
    Jocelyn Cramer . The Cummings House . Dalton, PA

    "Milton, YOU made it not so tough!!!
    And for the added comfort that you provided
    great guidance to my mother and father, I am very grateful.

    Thank you again Milton . . .Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

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    Such a good promoter and so much imagination.
    Milton Waldoff knows what he is doing!
    Follow his directions and you will be delighted
    with the results!”
    Gayle Smith . Gayle's . Houston, TX

    He garnered so much money for our store.”

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    "GOB success!"
    Rita Harvey . Elle . Little Rock, AR

    "Thanks and much appreciation for the well-organized
    and professional way you guided us in our store closing sale.
    Your advice was needed and deeply welcome to us.
    Your insight, along with the execution recommendations  made our
    “GOB” Sale a solid success! 
    We could not have done it without you!
    Thank you so much!"

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    “One of the highlights of my 8 years in retail”
    Bayle Drubel . JuliAna . Hanover, NH

    "Thank you . . . I appreciate all of your hard work and efforts.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you."

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    “I could not have done this without you!”
    Kim Kidd . Willow Tree . Fort Payne, AL

    “… Hard to believe the results.”

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    “He gives 110% to every endeavor.”
    Bubba Silberstein . President, The Silberstein Group . Houston, TX

    “All respect . . . (Milton) analyzes, devises a plan and executes the plan . . .
    It has been my pleasure to be a reference for Milton Waldoff who is an exemplary person, citizen and businessman."

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     “Milton always has great help and answers.
    He is a merchant that knows what he is doing!”
    Terre Osterwitz . Traditional Terre . Cary, NC

    “Milton is great at what he does!"


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    "Worth every penny"
    Mary Alice Blevins . The Farm and Garden Store . Prescott, AR

    "Anybody who hires Milton and listens
    will get 10 times their money’s worth!"

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    "Milton describes what will happen, and it does!"
    Donna Lamarca . Annex Two . St. Louis, MO

    "If Milton says to do it, even if it hurts your heart and seems counter to your thinking, DO IT or your sale will not be as successful! Milton wants, plans and will create a sale where your store comes out way ahead......There is no other choice to make in the retail close-out business.
    Please ask his future clients to call me – 314-434-4402”

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    "You perfected your formula time and again."
    Carol Hoffman . Carol Hoffman Buying Office . NYC

    "You surely made a believer out of Bill and I, and surely our former clients who had decided to close their stores.  You perfected your formula time and again."

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    "Milton is a leader in his field"
    Allison Friedman . CEO, Ping Pong Productions . China

    "Milton Waldoff is a leader in his field. His wisdom, experience, and good humor are unparalleled. His expertise in his field is invaluable, and anyone would be very fortunate to have him consult for their retail business. He has experienced it all, and lived to tell about it with the good humor and calm, wise perspective of a laughing Buddha!"

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    "Sell more than you ever believed possible"
    Kathryn Richardson . Owner, Rosewood . Greater Pittsburgh Area, PA

    "Enjoyed working with the amazing duo Rita and Milton. They are your cheerleaders during the entire sale and push you to buy & sell more than you ever believed possible. They guide you through the buying process, help you merchandise your store, and are around whenever you need to ask any questions.  Their predictions are spot on for your weekly sales.

    Best advice is to listen to exactly what Milton tells you to purchase and let Rita merchandise the heck out of your store!
    This closing was by far the most profitable holiday season in history of my store. Not to miss if you are considering closing down your shop."

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    “This quote is now on a card at eye level at my desk
    and I read it everyday."
    Thanks, Milton!”
    Faye Doppelheuer . Babe's Shoes & Apparel . Lakeland, Florida

    "The purpose of retail is to move as much goods as possible, build repeat customers and
    Milton Waldoff


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    “Milton was 100% spot-on about his projections."
    Fran Sayers . Body & Sole . Lake Placid, NY

    “Milton’s Role Is Essential...Milton was kind, professional, and very patient with my questions and concerns.”

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    “Outstanding in every respect”
    John W. Wilson . Chairman & CEO
     Society to Certify the Authenticity of Art & Antiques . Atlanta, GA

    “honesty and integrity . . .  unassuming gentleman...”

    "I do not hesitate to recommend Milton for any task he says he can do!
    I am convinced if Milton Waldoff says he can do it, he can!
    He is very up front in acknowledging what he can and cannot do."

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    "This system works!"
    Walter Pye . Pinto Ranch Fine Western Wear . Houston, Dallas, and Las Vegas

    “Milton is a major-league retailer…smartest retailer I know, with GREAT horse and street sense... My suggestion is to trust Milton, get out of his way, and let him work his magic.”

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    "Solid Reputation"
    Arlene Ratner . Jezebel's . Savannah, GA

    “If I had used Milton before we decided to close,
    I would have made a LOT more money . . .
    results unfolded exactly as he said.
    Should anyone wish to talk with me about Milton Waldoff
    and our Sale, don't hesitate to call me at 912-598-5080."


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     “Milton made such a huge difference…”
    Betty Campbell . Mimi's . Galesburg, IL

    "Thank you Milton - you have made such a difference
    in the life of the store and my life
    that I don't even know where to begin to or how to say thank you.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you !
    I really do appreciate you and all that you've done."

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    "Milton, the sale exceeded our expectations."
    Carla and David Ruff . For YOU! . Enid, OK

    “Milton, the sale exceeded our  expectations.
    We had hoped we’d pay all our outstanding bills … We DID!
    And now we have money in the bank, as well.
    Everything sold!  All the merchandise …
    All the furniture, fixtures and equipment.
    Everything!   All in all, I’m really impressed.”

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    "We are so glad we did this with you . . .
    we could never have gotten results like this by ourselves."
    Dana Schwister . Mini-Mini Market . Brooklyn, NY

    " . . . We sold more accessories than we dreamed we would in a lifetime!
    Thank you for helping us close our store

    and make more money than we dreamed possible."

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     “. . . Closing with you gave us all a feeling
    of a great final act."
    Christy Briedis . Crysti . Rehoboth Beach, DE

    "Last day … one sparse rolling rack of apparel, one T stand
     along with a round table with a few peices of jewelry.
    After donating these few things that were left after the end of the sale. Lights out ready to deliver the key to the landlord.
    Never felt it was possible"

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    “Detailed and professional”
    Harlon and Frankie Hyatt . Frankie's . Jasper, AL

    "Harlon and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation
    to you for making our going out of business sale such a wonderful success.
    Your buying connections, assistance and organization in New York was eye opening.  I never knew anyone could do that.
    I wish I would have known you 10 or 15 years ago!"

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    “He understands so completely the retail world.”
    Peggy Fenwick . Pineapple Cupboard and Lollipop Shop . Camden, AR

    “He is a true partner in each endeavor . . .
    I am happy to sing his praises.
    He not only profitabily closed one of our stores,
    he assited us in selling a store, and improving
    sales and profits with our flagship store.
    Fabulous Merchant!”

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    “Milton Waldoff will make money for you!”
    Betsy Feinstein & Rachel Greene . New York Buying Office . New York, NY

    "We have recommended Milton on many occasions
    to plan and conduct store GOB sales,
    with the best of positive results.
    He is organized, professional & knows how to find the
    best deals in the New York marketplace
    for whatever client he assigns himself to help.
    Milton is the perfect person to help run your GOB!"

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    “I would be out of business without Milton …”
    Peggy Brewer . Laser Brewer . Ithaca, NY

    “He has a sterling reputation . . . the best merchant I know. 
    He is like a silent but active business partner.”

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    "Proven track record"
    Abbey Doneger . Doneger Group . New York & Los Angeles

    “I am so fortunate to have known Milton as a client,
    mentor, and friend for over 40 years . . .
    Milton’s extensive retail and business experiences,
    industry insight, interpersonal skills, and proven track record are the reasons for his outstanding success!”

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    "Call Milton today!"
    Bud Wenzel . Director, LBA Buying Offices . New York,  NY

    ". . . whatever you do for exit planning your retail business,
    don't leave your hard-earned
    and well-deserved money on the table!
    Let us put you in touch with Waldoff Group Consulting
    even if you are just thinking about moving or closing . . .
    don't wait . . . Call Milton today!"

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    "You were there at every turn."
    Cynthia Nelson . Flamboyant Boutique . Naples, FL

    "Thank you for all your help. I never could have come out of the GOB sale in the black if you had not showed me how to do it . . . I couldn't have done it without you.  I wish I had worked with you years ago . . .
    I could have retired with a nice nest egg."

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    "Just exceptional"
    Claudia L. Snow . Claudia's Fashions . Texarkana, TX

    "Milton, your planning and organization of the sale, projecting sales, assistance in purchasing additional merchandise at greatly reduced prices and timing of the discounts for the sale, planning, and execution of the advertising and advertising budget was just exceptional.
    And, making a signifcant profit closing our store,
    I'm still flabbergasted!
    Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank You!"

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    “Milton, our Going Out of Business Sale
    was more successful than I ever dreamed.”
    Sally Odegaard . Olga's . Waco, TX

    “A wonderful experience!  You were a pleasure to
    work with . . . wish I had had your guidance and
    market connections years ago!”


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     “…Milton has an eye for detail.”
    Joan Crea . Crea Associates . Hattiesburg, MS

    "At every turn, Milton’s eye for detail and merchandising
    was nothing short of extraordinary.
    His ability to create an ambiance that enticed shoppers to linger and, most importantly, spend more money was apparent."

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     “You gave us confidence.”
    Josi and Steve Wert . Josi's . Minneapolis, MN

    "Thanks for everything!
    You really took a very sad and upsetting situation and made it work for us!
    Milton, we are so indebted to YOU!
    We really regret not knowing and getting involved with you years ago!"

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     “A treasure trove of ideas…”
    Phyllis Markus . The Clothes Tree Boutique . St. Louis, MO

    "Thank you for your time, your energy and your sage advice.
    I will implement as fully as I can, and we will go forward.
    I look forward to our continuing work together."

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    “Your guidance was essential
    and complete for this experience”
    R. H. Shehab . R. H. Shehab's . San Juan, Puerto Rico

    "A complete approach . . . It was a great and fruitful experience
    working with you in our  Store Closing Sale.
    In spite of the fact that I have been in the retail business for over 20 years,
    I never went through the experience of closing a store and your guidance was instrumental in maximizing this situation from an economic point of view. Your approach to these situations is very complete from the purchasing and financial management, to marketing, advertising, and the visual aspect . . .
    The results were nothing short of amazing."


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